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Our coaching staff has extensive basketball experience and knowledge through many years of colliagate  and university competitive play. Passion, enthusiasm and positive energy perfectly describes the atmosphere Champs continues to create as players see improvement in their basketball skills and overall understanding of the game. .


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CHAMPS Basketball is at Lakeside Academy.
CHAMPS Basketball

Youth Training program Tuesday Evenings. Great session today to all our athlete's and more basketball was after that as well! We love our community Lakeside Academy
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CHAMPS Basketball is at Lakeside Academy.
CHAMPS Basketball

Our Basketball Training is all about improving the skills and fundamentals of our players in a more personalized setting that can be adjusted according to the level of the players involved. The workout sessions focus on skill development through drills and games.

This program is a great way for your athletes to improve for their basketball team they play for or a team they're trying to join. Whether it be for school, intercity, house league or just improving for the play ground, we are here for them. Lets go!!
Ages 10 -15 yrs/old

For videos and more details for registration:
Go to --> www.champsmtlbasketball.com/tuesday/

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Thank you for the good work, my son enjoyed it!Laila
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In previous sessions you have been very supportive of my son. This has allowed him to enjoy participating in this group activity. Champs support has kept him interested in b-ball. Thank you!Rebecca
>All 3 kids enjoyed it
>My daughter absolutely loves it
>Great program! Coaches keep the kids engaged and active
>My son loves it!Beechwood Elementary Parents

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