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Summer camp 2023 is open for registration. (Camp Dates: July 4th - August 11th). Hover over register above ↑ and click summer camp. Go to our event page and register for the June 4th Church Community Sports Day Event!

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Our coaching staff has extensive basketball experience and knowledge through years of intercity, colliagate  and university competitive play. Many of the coaches are also certified in fitness training. Passion, enthusiasm and positive energy perfectly describes the atmosphere Champs' continues to create as players see improvement in their basketball skills and overall understanding of the game.


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It's a great basketball program. You're children will be valued, they will have tons of fun and they will be challenged so they can improve their skills. All the coaches are so nice and they love what they do, you can tell. I totally recommend this place..........Mily (March, 2022)
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A great organization. The training class definitely helped my son make the school team. The coaches are stellar and know what drills work to help players continuously improve -- it is the perfect blend of challenge and encouragement. Highly recommend!
Kelly (Nov, 2018)
Thanks to you Jonathan and Sheldon and to all the coaches who put sincere hard work with all your students🙌 you guys are amazing!Zohra (2019)

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