Remembering Kobe Bryant!

Kobe Bryant

"Black Mamba" 

For years Kobe's impact on the world of basketball was second to none. The mentality he took on when playing the game was seen as the toughest and most admirable to anyone who has played in the NBA. January 26th Kobe, his daughter "Gigi", and 9 others were pronounced dead from a Helicopter crash. The world was taking by storm from the announcement and since then everyone has been paying tribute to the Laker great.

Kobe Bryant's impact was felt all over the world by millions of fans who watch his game. Including us here at Champs Basketball, Kobe was a favourite player to watch growing up and his style of play had influenced our style of play. Global news has given us an opportunity to share our thoughts and condolences to him, please take the time to click the link below.

Thank you, Kobe!